This 7 week course will focus on the Portrait painted in Oils.

    Students will be lead in a direct step by step approach in building a Portrait Painting in Oils. Facial anatomy, gesture, clothing and character will be practiced using a full colour palette. The class will be filled with demonstrations and model time giving the students the opportunity to paint directly from life. Each class will focus on a particular model and their features, capturing their unique character and gesture. Students will learn just how to go about the business of painting a portrait from life.

    For interest email : willeire@gmail.com

    Fee: 300 euro

    When: March 12th until April 23rd

    Time: 5pm until 8pm

    Where: 12 Harcourt St in Will Nathans Fine Art Studio

    Includes Model fees

    Materials List given to registered students.

  • Drawing the Figure 2020!

    Drawing the Figure 2020!

    This is an all day Saturday workshop focused on drawing the model. Students will have an opportunity to intensively work directly with the model and produce a single drawing studying the subtly and beauty of the model. With demonstrations and individual attention students will reap the benefit of the day. All levels are welcome and encouraged to attend as drawing from life is the backbone of all representational art.

    Date and Time: Saturday, February 1st, 10:30am until 4:30pm

    Cost: 100 euro

  • pictured with Fr. Allan O'Sullivan OP and Fr. Peter Sexton SJ, chaplains at Trinity College, Dublin.

  • Completed Portrait of Irish Chief Justice Susan Denham

    Completed Portrait of Irish Chief Justice Susan Denham

    The portrait of the first woman Chief Justice in the history of Ireland, Chief Justice Susan Denham is now complete and hanging in The Honorable Society of the King's Inns, Dublin. The oil measures 40 x 50 inches and hangs in the dinning hall of the King's Inns. Justice Denham was very gracious and patient in sitting for the entire duration of the portrait of which I owe immeasurable gratitude. I was honored to be awarded this commission and humbled to see it hanging amidst so many other beautiful portraits of previous Justices throughout the history of Ireland. A charcoal sketch which I did in preparation for the oil also hangs in The Four Courts in Dublin.