William A Nathans  Fine Art Portraits

My name is William A. Nathans and I am a classically trained painter working in the USA and abroad. I have received my training in New York City as well as spending an additional three years in Toronto, Canada.
My greatest interest is in painting the human person, particularly the painted portrait. I believe it to be the greatest challenge to represent in paint and charcoal the essence of the human spirit. I strive to give life, emotion and pathos to my subjects who range from all walks of life.
My painting is an attempt to portray human nature found in the varied differences of humanity in the genre of portraiture. I strive to break down the barrier of any defense walls that might exist within my given subject searching for inner character traits that reveal the true identity of the individual. This search is accomplished through live sittings with the person in the studio on a one on one basis working to capture any hint of the inner essence of the person through these shared experiences from life. I seek a diverse range of individuals whom I admire to paint, people who posses some attribute which I myself find beautiful, interesting and noble.
I work mainly in oil and dry media basing my work on studying the subtle range of tones and hues found under atmospheric north light. By studying these nuances I'm able to peer deeper into the person's aura working to evoke an honest expression of the person. I begin with drawings which act as guides and references of key aspects of the person. Slight mannerisms, gestures and body language that reveal inner struggles as well as accomplishments that have lead up to that person's life thus far. I maintain sketchbook drawings from everyday observations whether it is riding subways, trains, cafes or visiting specific sites scouting the terrain for any prospecting subject.
My work is an attempt to document the people of my time questioning how the present and the past have shaped them.

William A. Nathans, Painter