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My Artistic Procedure is very simple. I paint what I see in front of me. I work best painting from life. If someone is interested in a portrait in oil or charcoal I simply ask them to pose either in my studio or at a location comfortable to the sitter and begin work on the portrait immediately, first with a few simple sketches to get the composition and then proceed to start the final portrait. If its a more complex composition I take extra time to work it out. If its a straight forward portrait I simply begin and get it finished. I work very quickly and lately I can complete a portrait in oils in only a sitting or two. It depends on the sitter's time flexibility. It is painless and easy and I would highly recommend it. Sometimes I talk during the sittings, sometimes not, depends on the sitter and how I'm feeling that particular day. If the client cannot sit then I will give in to working from a photograph. Its just easier for me to paint it from life. Sometimes it takes longer for me to get the sitter. This is only natural as I am not a robot but more often then not I get it and will get it in the end however long it takes!