In this course students will be taken through more advanced techniques in creating three dimensional painting using color, edges and temperature in oils.
    This course will lead students into re-creating images from students own reference. The problem of using photo-graphic reference and or drawings is in recreating the sense of light and form. An artist needs to reinterpret the form and light. This demands using ones imagination in color and light and form. Simple techniques and devices will be demonstrated and practiced with students on their projects individually.
    How does one compose a painting or picture? Every image has a story to tell and artists must interpret the image to re-create the most powerful impact.

    Located at : William A. Nathans Fine Art Studio 2nd Floor
    12 Harcourt St. Dublin City Centre

    Course Times : 10:30 am until 1:30 pm

    Classes are limited to 8 students

    TUITION: 300 euro

    Materials List emailed once student registers

    Dates of Course : Wed, 24th January ~ Wed, 28th Feb, 2018

    For Interest EMAIL : Willeire@gmail.com or text 0862209102

  • OLD MASTER COPY COURSE: Jan 15th - Feb 26th, 2018

    OLD MASTER COPY COURSE: Jan 15th - Feb 26th, 2018

    Old Master Copy Course: Instructor: Will Nathans

    Monday Eve 6:30pm - 9:30pm

    Location: Will Nathans Fine Art Studio located on 2nd Floor of Kennedy's Art Shop

    Tuition: 300 euro

    7 weeks

    This course is designed for both beginner and advanced students.

    This course takes its lead from the Old Masters. Students will work directly from an Old Master copy taken from the period of the Baroque in European painting. Vermeer, Rembrandt, Velasquez, Titian, Rubens, etc., will all be available in a high quality reproduction for students to work from. Students will be lead through a very systematic step by step approach from the drawing down to the finishing glazing. Pure painting technique will be explained, demonstrated and practiced each week. This was the method in which apprentices worked in the ateliers of the past. Working directly from the Masters gives students the opportunity to study and learn exacting technique without the hindrance of working with a model. A full understanding of building a painting will be taught, demonstrated and practiced which will become the backbone for further painting projects.

    Course tuition includes master copy.

    For interest text or email 0862209102 or willeire@gmail.com

  • Drawing the Figure in Pencil and Charcoal: Jan 18th - Feb 22nd, 2018

    Drawing the Figure in Pencil and Charcoal: Jan 18th - Feb 22nd, 2018

    This Course is designed to instruct students in Drawing the Nude figure in a representational manner. All levels of experience are welcome in this class. Students will begin placing the figures' gesture and proportion on the page and then commencing in laying in the shades and tones necessary in developing a rounded three dimensional drawing. Special emphasis will be paced on accurately capturing the models character and mood based on the anatomical landmarks made visible on the surface form. With long poses students will have sufficient time allotted in order to come away with a fully modeled drawing.

    Cost of tuition includes model fees.

    Materials list will be emailed.

    Tuition Cost: 340 euro

    Thursday Eve, 6pm - 9pm, Jan 18 - Feb 22nd

    For interest text or email at 0862209102 or willeire@gmail.com

    All Welcome

  • FIGURE PAINTING IN OILS: JAN 17th - FEB 21st 2018, 6pm to 9pm 2018

    FIGURE PAINTING IN OILS: JAN 17th - FEB 21st 2018, 6pm to 9pm 2018

    Dear Friends and Patrons,

    The New Year is shortly upon us and with it are a selection of new courses in oil painting and drawing all conducted in the Art Studio of William Nathans located on 12 Harcourt St, Dublin City Centre.

    This Oil Painting course will focus on the figure. Students will work directly from the live model slowly building up the paint while observing proportion, values, colour and character. Emphasis will be placed on capturing our sitter as well as creating a harmonious composition. Studying the anatomical structure of our model will be stressed before moving on to studying the subtle values and temperatures of the flesh tones. Demonstrations for students and individual instruction will be applied and practiced.

    Tuition includes model fees

    Materials list will be emailed.

    Tuition cost: 340 euro

    Wednesday, 6 - 9pm , Jan 17th- Feb 21st

    For interest text or email 0862209102 or willeire@gmail.com

    All Welcome!

  • Completed Portrait of Irish Chief Justice Susan Denham

    Completed Portrait of Irish Chief Justice Susan Denham

    The portrait of the first woman Chief Justice in the history of Ireland, Chief Justice Susan Denham is now complete and hanging in The Honorable Society of the King's Inns, Dublin. The oil measures 40 x 50 inches and hangs in the dinning hall of the King's Inns. Justice Denham was very gracious and patient in sitting for the entire duration of the portrait of which I owe immeasurable gratitude. I was honored to be awarded this commission and humbled to see it hanging amidst so many other beautiful portraits of previous Justices throughout the history of Ireland. A charcoal sketch which I did in preparation for the oil also hangs in The Four Courts in Dublin.



    In October of 2016 I had completed a portrait of an Irish Barrister, Mr. Kieron Wood, a highly accomplished Barrister, writer, journalist and Father here in Dublin. His own website is here, Kieron Wood

    It was an honour to have had the opportunity to complete his portrait and to get to know him.
    The sittings began in his home from which I completed his head and major body forms, including the hands. Once this was established I worked on the remaining background and accoutrements in my studio using studies and photographs I took as reference. There are many background elements which are very personal to Mr. Wood including books he has authored and family heirlooms, one of which is a bronze figurine that had belonged to his Mother. This was important because it made the portrait more personal and tied it into his own family history. It was a great opportunity to have had life sittings with Kieron which I believe certainly allowed me to penetrate a deeper psychology with his likeness.
    Once the portrait was completed Mr. Wood very generously organized an unveiling with wine in my studio. It was wonderful to have been able to share it with all who were present, in particular some of his family members.
    It was a great success and a testament to the growing popular tradition of commissioning artists for one's portrait. Portraiture is not only a visual record of one's life but also a contribution to the history of art. Unlike photographs which are certainly an important aspect of portraiture, artistic paintings have an added strength. They are completed by hand from materials made by hand and are a marriage of the human eye and imagination. This can never be replaced and greatly adds to the finished work. It is the story of a life and hopefully a life well lived.



    I have completed a second portrait of His Eminence Cardinal Edwin F. O'Brien, 15th Archbishop of Baltimore, Maryland. His Eminence is now the new Grand Master to the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. This ancient military order has its headquarters in Vatican City, Rome, where His Eminence now resides.

    It was an honor to have painted His Eminence a second time and contribute to the other fine portraits which hang in the Bishops Residence in Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore was the first Diocese in America established in 1789 and later an Archdiocese in 1808. America's first bishop and later archbishop was the most Rev. Father John Carroll who was painted by both Gilbert Stuart and Rembrandt Peale.

    His Eminence was very generous to have been able to sit for the face and I completed the rest of the portrait in my studio from oil sketches and photographs. The sittings took place in his office in Vatican City. It was a wonderful experience and the natural light in his office was superb. I was with my pregnant wife Lucia at the time and we extended our stay to take in as much of Rome as possible. Harry was born on Aug 22nd 2014.

    A marble bust was also commissioned for the Archdiocese and sculpted by Rhode Island sculptor Nathaniel Risteen.

    Here is a link to the unveiling